About Prairie Blossom Farm

We are a small family farm located on the Canadian prairies in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.  From spring to first frost, our fields are bursting with breathtaking, vibrant blooms that exude intoxicating fragrances.  We start the season off with tulips, ranunculus, and anenomes and transition to heat loving flowers like zinnias and cosmos, to dahlias in the fall, with 100 plus more varieties that add textural beauty to our garden and design.

Our mission is to grow unique and heirloom flowers using sustainable and organic growing methods.  We love being connected to nature and strive to manage our small farm in a way that will bring health and vibrancy to the earth we are responsible to nurture.   

Throughout my childhood, my mother, aside from her large vegetable garden, always had many flower beds filled with bedding plants like petunias, snapdragons, marigolds, geraniums, and many other varieties.  Her love for gardening had a huge impact on my life and I developed a deep love for nature and flowers in particular.

By the time I was in my early teens, my parents had moved the family off the farm and closer to the city.  I took over all the lawn mowing and weeding jobs on our small acreage.  I always wanted to tag along with mom when she went to the garden centre to buy a summer's worth of bedding plants and eventually helped her choose which plants to purchase.  I also took it upon myself to dig up new beds to fill with more flowers. 

Fast forward a number of years, I married a cattle farmer.  We purchased a small farm to start our own family and dreams.  I soon learned that purchasing flowers was not cheap so I became very limited on our farm but always dreamed of someday having a field of flowers to enjoy.  

In 2015, I met Erin from Floret Flowers through Instagram and this dream came back to life in a very powerful way.  In spring of 2016 I decided to venture into the world of starting flowers from seed.  My home filled up with beautiful little plants and by summer's end I had my field of flowers.  I spent my summer learning, tending, and most enjoyably, cutting flowers and creating bouquets for our home as well as any friends and family that would stop by.

In 2019 we are heading into our fourth growing season more excited than ever before.  We hope to make many new connections so we can get our fresh from the garden blooms into many more homes this growing season.