This Week on the Farm - June 28, 2017

This time of the year is spent keeping all the weeds in check as much as possible in order to give the plants a fighting chance to thrive and yield a good crop of beautiful flowers.

Springtime brought us saturated ground and then overnight it seemed the water disappeared and we were praying for some rains to come and quench the garden's thirst.  I planted a lot of babies in the scorching heat and watched some wilt and a few die.  Thankfully the rains came!  Then it rained and rained and rained some more and the temperatures dropped a lot.  

Knowing we live in well-draining sandy soil, I have learned to not complain about too much rain because before you know it we're back to wishing for it.  I am trying to take a lot of photos every week to document the growing milestones as well as to capture all the beauty that's happening!  Here are a few images I snapped a few days ago.

Bird's eye view of the cut flower garden.

Iceland Poppies loving the cool weather.

Iceland poppy budding.

Chantilly and Madame Butterfly snapdragons.

So much potential!  Hope you enjoyed a little update on what's happening at Prairie Blossom flower farm.


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