Making Dreams Come True

How many of you have dreams, maybe big dreams?  How do you make your dreams come true?  Sit back and dream, hoping that they come true while you're dreaming, or take action and do everything you can to make those dreams come true? 

My personality wants to keep dreaming because I'm afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone which is growing flowers and into marketing.  I'd rather photograph the flowers and post dreamy pictures for you to enjoy.  I absolutely love our product (flowers) and gardening is a passion and my therapy.  I can't live without it.  When it comes to marketing my flowers though, I get paralyzed with fear.  I don't want to ask anyone to buy our product because that's rude, right?  Or at least that's what my fears make me want to believe.

I do know, however, that in the midst of flower season there are so many people that love our flowers.  The conversations we have at the farmer's market, at our drop off locations, and with retail customers, tells me it's true.  Our flowers are indeed loved and enjoyed.  The memories and emotions that are triggered in customers as they see, touch, and smell the flowers is incredible.  I love it all...just not putting myself out there and giving a sales pitch.

I had a chat with my friend Dawn at Whistling Prairie Flowers and she encouraged me to speak my dreams and to let my fellow flower lovers know how they can help make those dreams come true.  I then realized the fact that I'm growing a field of flowers would not be possible without you.  I dreamed of having a field of flowers for years before I stumbled across the idea of flower farming via Erin from Floret Flowers.  At that time, back in 2015, I didn't just keep dreaming but took action!  Five seasons later and I'm planning my fifth flower field.  A dream that came true because I spoke it and you supported!

Last year we had enough profit from our farm that we were able to invest in infrastructure to build a few caterpillar tunnels for season extension.  This investment resulted in an amazingly beautiful harvest of ranunculus, anenomes, and foxglove.  What a dream come true after a few years of attempting but failing due to our extreme weather.  This also was only possible because of you, our customers.

So while I have many more dreams for our flower farm, I want to let you know that I have dreamed of having a greenhouse for many years.  The ladies I work with in the kitchen at our school once a week know very well how much I dream about this.  I may decide to move in when the weather is cold, just to get a taste of summer and a deep inhale of the soil because I crave it's fragrance and touch during winter months.  

I have been starting all our plants from seed in our basement (5 foot high crawl space) since 2016.  The setup has worked very well except we're running out of growing space and our seedlings need a healthy place to go once they need more growing room but before it's warm enough to go into the garden.  Last year we had a crop failure of lisianthus because I couldn't bump them up into larger containers to grow on because the house was spilling over with seedlings.  It was heartbreaking after nurturing them for 6 months from seed to bloom.  Pictured below is just one variety of lisianthus we grew but unfortunately they didn't recover and the stunted growth didn't allow me to use them in our bouquets.  Aren't they breathtaking?

Growing in a cold climate (zone 3b or 4a) makes February seem like months away from flowers but we already have our bouquet subscriptions available online for you to purchase now during our lean months.  We make our subscriptions available so early because this is the time of year when we start purchasing all our supplies and infrastructure for the upcoming season. 

When you invest in our farm, you're supporting a local farmer, choosing a product that’s safe for you and beneficial for our environment.  Along the way you’re also making dreams come true one dream at a time!  In exchange we provide you with our best, organically grown, unique and heirloom flowers that are very fresh, gorgeous, and fragrant! 

We are offering 4, 8, or 10 weeks of hand-tied bouquets delivered to three cities, Brandon, Portage la Prairie, and Winnipeg.  Click on the link below to see all the details and consider purchasing a subscription.

Bouquet Subscriptions 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and Mother's Day is coming up in a few months.  Instead of giving one bouquet, how about a season filled with weeks of bouquets for the flower lover in your life.  

As a token to say thank you for your support, if you purchase a subscription by February 29 we will gift you one bouquet that you can give to someone during flower season.



       Image by Simply Rosie Photography

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  • Irma!! Thank you for sharing your dreams and thoughts. You are immensely talented and hard working, your flowers bring joy to me every week. I have always felt privileged to have your Prairie grown flowers in my home and cottage.

    Jane Kesselman

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